This is a T-shirt, one of 12 currently available for sale on, for that extra special rape-y Christian boy in your life. Click on the picture to read it's slogan in all it's hateful, rape-promoting glory: "Anti-Abortion! But Pro-Date-Rape." Then click here to file a complaint against the (multiple) sellers and look here for contact information for Investor Relations. []

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@Charlotte Corday: I see your point, but while some people would not like that t-shirt it would not be promoting anything illegal.

Whether it is meant to be ironic or not (my first thought was that it was) it is confusing and many will think it actually IS pro date rape (The freaking company probably is pro-date-rape, or just a-holes, if they make fun of "retarded people".)

If they had a t-shirt that was pro NAMBLA (the "Man - Boy - Love" people) they'd have that crap down in a minute. Or if there was a shirt being derogatory about race I bet they would have it taken down.

It is interesting that date rape isn't seen as something as offensive as molestation or racism. Pretty sad commentary on where we are at as a society.