This Infographic on Women Directors in Hollywood Is Totally Depressing

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Fair warning; this infographic about women directors from Women and Hollywood is totally fucking depressing. This is not a happy unicorn rainbow cake with a puppy post.


Although this is pretty much what women who work (or have attempted to work) in the movie industry have known all along. It's 2013 and — as seen on Women and Hollywood — only one woman (Anne Fletcher, director of The Proposal) has been hired by a major Hollywood studio to direct two feature films in the last five years. But, but, but...bootstraps and whatnot! If you don't like it, quit! Right ladies?

If you see this and you still don't believe that gender discrimination is a problem at Hollywood's major film studios, then I'm pretty much done with you. Seriously. We're done here. Go over to the Daily Mail and find out what "shockingly huge" animal they're writing about this week. I'm sure you will enjoy that.

Image via Women And Hollywood.


Gender discrimination is a problem, absolutely. But I feel the focus on directors, specifically, is myopic. What are the numbers on female producers? Female executives? Female cinematographers? Female screenwriters? Yes, I know, not great in most areas.

But I'd like to know what those are, because I feel like this is an interlocking problem where female directors are just one part of it.

Also, I'd like to see this criticism include the indie scene, because I've seen how people treat female directors there, too, and fuck me if it isn't utterly terrible.