This Guy Is Literally Trying to Become a Maxi Pad

A man from Panama City, FL has been documenting his journey in achieving his dream of becoming a sanitary napkin. The first step was to legally change his first name to “Pad.” Next up is his search for a menstruating woman who will allow him to serve as an overnight pad, “preferably Kotex because of their association with the color pink.”

He’s very knowledgable about feminine products and discusses them, along with his identity as a pink pad and his history of sexual abuse, on various social media accounts like Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt and Google+ where he describes himself as

[A] guy that is becoming a pink disposable feminine pad, and later on I will be pressed against a soft vulva for a woman’s period. I’m looking for more open-minded friends who are comfortable about this fate for me.


This is not some elaborate, belated April Fool’s joke. Pad is totally serious about this. Daily Dot says that he kinda/sorta classifies as an Otherkin, which are people who identify as non-human. On May 1, he will begin his walk across America to “promote pad usage, and to prevent [Toxic Shock Syndrome] related to tampon use.”

Meet the man who wants to become a disposable Kotex maxi pad [Daily Dot]

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It says something about me that my first thought on reading that he is looking for someone to use him as an overnight pad was "hm, I wonder how he'd position himself for that"