This Funny or Die video called "Women's History: Presented by Porn Stars" features famous porn stars reading cue-cards about pivotal events like Seneca Falls and the publishing of Betty Friedan's the Feminine Mystique, which adult film vet Nicki Rhodes declares "the best book ever." Unremarkable yes, but the ending is unbearable: photos of women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton alternated with women like Jenna Jameson. The filmmaker also includes Zoey Zane in his montage (Zane is the 18-year-old who posted nude pictures of herself online and was murdered late last year) and Diablo Cody. There's so much wrong with this video: the implication that porn stars are stupid; using a dead woman to make a tasteless joke; relying on that played-out Diablo Cody commentary. Funny or die? We say die. [Funny or Die]


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They did fix it but it's still not remotely fucking funny. Wow, Diablo Cody was a stripper. Is there anyone left who didn't know that? Let's degrade a woman who is open about her sex, her past, and is talented by just throwing her in at the end of a video of porn stars. These are the same fucks who would talk to her face and praise her work while telling their friends they can't believe some stripper bitch won an Oscar.

As for Zoey Zane, she never did porn. She did solo nude photos on her site which isn't porn. Not everyone who poses nude is a porn star. Well, this might ring true in the minds of those who made this video. The though had to be "But hey, let's throw her photo on there and when called out on it we'll pretend we didn't know she was dead despite it being a massively huge news story less than 4 months ago."

How lame was the setup for the girls from the porn convention? I can almost view the thought behind this work of shit: Hey man, that girl is a porn star - let's give her cue cards to read off of that she's never read, only give her one take to read her line, and laugh as she sounds a bit off. This will totally make people think she's stupid just like all porn stars are. When people bitch about this, we'll claim we're celebrating the empowerment of these women instead of taking a shot at them because even a porn star is trash compared to us directors of shitty web comedy videos.

HAHAHAHA. What a plan! Stereotypes are hilarious. Ugh.

Hey there Funny or Die - do everyone a favor and stick to the dick/fart jokes, lame scientology celeb parodies, and keeping your lips firmly planted on Aptow's asshole ok? Any other attempt you make to be funny reeks of Axe cologne and fail.