This Five-Year-Old Girl's Thoughts on Famous Logos Will Blow Your Mind

Graphic Designer Adam Ladd sat his daughter down and showed her famous brand logos—from NBC to Starbucks. He recorded her impressions of each one, and the results are both adorable, insightful, and kind of heartbreaking. When it's laid out like this, you realize just how much commercialism kids her age are bombarded with. (Her reaction to the golden arches: "M for McDonald's, and it looks like a fry, but it's an M made out of fry!") But you also see how charmingly unaware of other things they are, like when she looks at the logo for the Republican party and says simply, "A parade elephant." Oh, to be young...


[Via the Daily What]



Maybe it's because my kids have never been around other kids (outside of each other) and therefore try to talk like adults, but she sounds younger than five to me. Then it got to the, "Cheetah. Cheetah. Cheetah." and I giggled. My kids call anything remotely cat-like cheetahs too. I want to keep her. And shield her from brand name bombardment. I think my petit-Parisians would only know McDonald's. No coffee or Apple overload for them.