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This Endangered Frog Is a Popular Smoothie Ingredient in South America

Illustration for article titled This Endangered Frog Is a Popular Smoothie Ingredient in South America

Mmm, a delicious green smoothie, it must be loaded with kale and spinach and Swiss cha—oh, nope, that green color is thanks to the fact that it’s filled with frogs.


According to the New York Times, the endangered Titicaca water frog is a popular ingredient in smoothies served all over Peru and Bolivia, thanks to its purported ability to cure maladies ranging from typhus to...female infertility.

Today, Peruvians and Bolivians of all ages regularly go to the feria, a weekend market, to drink the smoothie, which is prepared à la minute. According to Arturo Muñoz, the project coordinator of the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative, you can also find the drink in shops in Lima and Arequipa, Peru’s largest cities, most days of the week.


The amphibian is typically blended with brown sugar, honey and carrots to make it more palatable. Serve it at your next brunch, except don’t: The frog’s numbers have decreased 80 percent over the last 15 years thanks to a combination of over-harvesting, habitat degradation and invasive species like trout, which feast on the frog’s larvae. Captive-breeding programs have been unsuccessful, so really, conservation is the only option on the table at present.

Photo via AP.

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Rando Calrissian

OMG Look at what the brown people are doing!

There might have been a better tack to take on this one.