This Drunk Woman Eating Chips Off of a Train Floor Could Be Any of Us

Girl. We have been there.

OMG I dropped the chips fuck but those chips are so fucking good and like so salty and like whatever you know like I am so hungry, and maybe I shouldna had so many um ginna ginna ginna you know um ginnatonics but I don't care ok I don't care it's like what is it there for if you're not gonna drink it and what are these chips for if you're not gonna eat em I mean if I'm not gonna eat em I mean I AM gonna eat em because salty salt on your tongue is like the best these are ssshheriously SHERIOUSLY seriously so good I and I am so hungry I'm gonna just scrape 'em up, it's fine like five second rule you guys FIVE SECONDS it's a RULE and there's barely any whatchacallit like germs I'm just gonna pick up just gonna scrape em together in a pile and fuck it you know like fuck it, whatever, okay? okay. [crunching sound]

h/t Gothamist

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Dodai Stewart

UPDATE: According to the tipster who filmed this:

"I started recording her after she ate a $5 bill off the floor and when I asked her if she was OK, she asked me if I "knew who she was… Her friend that was with her was also straddling the guy next to her on the train. Way too turnt up for a Friday at 830!!"