This Commercial for a Female Men's Rights Attorney Is Truly Special

Meet Marilyn D. York, a divorce and family law attorney practicing in Reno, Nevada. She will get you yours if your wife has been secretly plotting to divorce you even though she's "finally losing that baby weight after nine years and hooking up with your son's baseball coaches on Facebook." (Coaches, plural.)

"What's the one thing a man needs when he's blindsided by a long-planned divorce? A great female attorney," argues Marilyn, whose office appears to be staffed entirely by women and who claims to be the only men's rights attorney in the state.


That said, Marilyn warns that if you are "vengeful, spiteful and want to punish your 'EX' instead of reaching an equitable divorce" or "You arbitrarily want and expect all or most of the marital assets" or "You want to keep your 'EX' from seeing the children without valid cause such as child abuse or unfit parenting," her firm isn't the one for you. Even men's rights lawyers have limits.

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