This Colorado Town's Entire Police Force Just Quit

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If you have the urge to commit a crime, think of traveling to Green Mountain Falls, Colorado—the 700-person town’s entire police force just quit.

According to a local Fox affiliate, Police Chief Tim Bradley and three volunteer reserve officers that made up the town’s small but noble law enforcement quit following a policy dispute with the new mayor. Residents were informed of the unsettling news at a town meeting on Tuesday evening.

The newly elected mayor, Jane Newberry, apparently attended the town meeting as a citizen to learn of the resignations.


The Colorado Springs Gazette reports:

The resignations were announced after the session, and the board voted to pay the outgoing chief $12,000, Newberry said. The vote was 4-1 with outgoing Trustee Kathryn Guthrie dissenting, Newberry said.

Newberry said Thursday she didn’t understand why Bradley was paid so much upon his resignation, which officially happened at 5 p.m. Monday.

“It’s a curious thing,” she said. “Part of it was vacation pay, part of it was sick pay and part of it was overtime pay. But if you’re salaried you don’t usually get that.”

Now, the town’s law enforcement will be up to the neighboring El Paso County’s Sheriff’s Office.

“I have every confidence in El Paso County Sheriff’s Office,” Newberry said. “I always have and there’s no reason anybody needs to worry. We are a small community and one of our advantages is we all look out for each other.”


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What was the dispute over?