This Child Model Is Totally Over This Modeling Crap

Over the weekend New York City was host to petitePARADE, a biannual children’s fashion week featuring both established and up-and-coming designers for your child. Many adorable children were featured on the runway, but none were so relatable as this young gentleman, whose entire expression conveys a sense that he’s having none of it.

The over-it model, wearing Diesel Kid, seems to question not just why he is there, but the entire operation, having some kind of existential discomfort while walking down a runway dressed in an otherwise comfortable-looking ensemble.


What else do we think he wants to be doing? And what pray tell could have set him off? My guess: hot camera flashes hurt his eyes, he wants to go home and play with his new puppy, he wants to go home and play with his XBox, his little sibling is in the front row making obnoxious faces at him, he doesn’t like his new haircut, he objects to the French language and therefore the writing on his t-shirt, he objects to the concept of fashion shows to begin with because why can’t we all just feasibly be ourselves and dress as we so please. Or, perhaps, he misses Alber Elbaz, and thinks that the current demand for designers to create six seasons per year is insane, or maybe he’s just upset because he didn’t like his placement in the runway queue.

The options are infinite; the one fact that is ascertainable is that his expression is universal.

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