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This Cat Is an Adorably Accomplished Theremin Player

Though the theremin isn't necessarily the most nuanced instrument in the musical world, watching a fuzzy cat slowly learn that there's a connection between its batting at an antenna and science fiction movie noises is fascinating, sort of like how aliens must feel as they watched us figure out stuff like electricity and flight. Something to think about the next time you find yourself foiled by a seemingly simplistic task such as pulling toast out of the toaster without burning your fingers — aliens are probably watching you on some sort of intergalactic, late-night cable access channel called HDST, or Humans Doing Silly Things. Humans could very well be the cats of the Milky Way. Be sure to stay for all of this actual cat's theremin solo — it's playing for an equally adorable audience.


via Buzzfeed

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As for nuance, Clara Rockmore could play it with nuance: