This DVD bootleg cover for the first season of True Detective is as wild and weird as the entire series.

Posted on Reddit (bless you, Redditors), this DVD bootleg is probably on the greatest fake covers of all time. Let's talk about all the things that make this amazing. First off, as Uproxx points out, Matthew McConaughey's head is superimposed on Brad Pitt's body from a promo for the movie Killing Them Softly. Because there aren't enough pictures of McConaughey to go around, I guess. The backdrop is lots and lots of explosions and Las Vegas, which is nowhere near where the show is set in Louisiana but OK. (LET'S NOT SECOND GUESS THE ARTIST'S VISION.) It also includes a quote from what was absolutely not ever in a Chicago Sun Times review that reads "Amazing perform. Full frontal action." Really, what more do you need from a television show?

This DVD bootleg is what would happen if the book The King in Yellow came to life and swallowed the last three Transformers movies. This DVD bootleg is a flat circle, a tragic misstep in evolution. This DVD is main-lining the secret truth of the universe in a giant circular ribbon of death, violence and the Sphinx at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas.

I think the entire second season of True Detective should be about this DVD bootleg.

Image via Reddit.