This App Allows Strangers to Turn Your Selfies Into Works of Art

TitanicTitanicAll Titanic all the time.

If you've been dying to act out the best scene in Titanic—spoiler alert: It's the drawing scene and we're going to have to agree on that—but haven't found anyone to encourage to "draw me like one of your french girls," then you're in luck because suddenly there's an app for that.

Charmingly titled French Girls, the app does something simultaneously wonderful and potentially horrifying: It allows you to post a selfie (I will not lie that it took me ten minutes to get a good angle because I am very vain) and then invites other users to draw you as they see fit (and hopefully wearing "The Heart Of The Ocean"). Depending on the artistic prowess of the user assigned the task of recreating your likeness as well as their ability to draw accurately on a tiny screen with only their index finer (mine is about as useless as a stick of meat on a skating rink made out of butter), the results be either frighteningly good...or just frightening.


Here's a triptych of portraits done of one user: (As you can see, result vary pretty wildly, although I love the PJ Harvey-esque sketch on the far left.)

And here's what happened when I allowed myself to be immortalized in finger paints:


I guess it's not always about the angle.

Post yours in the comments if you choose to brave the app's icy waters.

Images via FrenchGirls.

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