"In three studies, 463 men and women between 18 and 70 years old watched video of actors pretending to be job seekers or employers," reports CNN. The result? "When women express anger at work, no matter what they do on the job, they can be seen as 'out of control' or are viewed in a negative light," says Victoria Brescoll, an assistant professor at Yale University's School of Management. Ugh! We've got to ditch the idea that women are supposed to be docile and easygoing. Sometimes your job calls for anger; anger can be a powerful tool in getting your point across. As for consultant Lynne Eisaguirre, who has written a book called The Power of a Good Fight: How To Embrace Conflict to Drive Productivity, Creativity and Innovation and says: "I always tell women on the job, kill them with kindness" — she needs to shut the fuck up.Kindness doesn't solve sexual harassment or fix the report your coworker totally fucked up and you're in charge of sorting out. Kindness is for lunch dates and puppies and other people's kids. Anger is a healthy emotion — not getting angry when it is appropriate can be just as damaging as not being able to control your anger. Being mad at work is inevitable; men never have to worry that they'll look like a bitch or a dragon lady. When it comes to conducting business, anger's part of the job. Women don't need to change; people who think women who get angry at work are less competent need to change. One way to help people get used to it? Women (who still make less than men on average and face discrimination) need to keep on getting pissed off. Anger In The Office — It Hurts Women More [CNN]

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