This Adorable Red Panda Cub Is Adorably In Need of Some Xanax

Red pandas, to me, look like human babies in Halloween costumes — frankly, they creep me out. That said, I don't like seeing this little lady (or guy?) get frightened by her/his caretaker. But also, it's very adorable. I'm torn! Someone please get that red panda a little Xanax, or some weed, or something.

Question of the night: Do you think there's an alternate universe where a bunch of bears in suits are sitting at desks watching baby human videos one afer the other? If that is happening I just want to tell those bears that I'm sorry because human babies could definitely be a lot cuter. Oh well, maybe evolution will turn us all into bear cubs and those stupid bears with their ties loosened around their bear necks will finally be happy!

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I do appreciate that the caretaker pauses, waits for freak out to be over, and then continues on his way like this happens every time he goes to feed them.

Also, the Fox/bear/racoon hybrid cuteness of red pandas makes me think they are secretly pokemon.