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There's a third installment of the Bridget Jones series in the works, which means two things: First, Renée Zellweger will once again "pack on the pounds" to play the full-figured singleton. But also:

The story will focus on the 40-ish Bridget's desire to have a baby "before time runs out." Oh, goody. Just what the world needs! A slender Hollywood actress given "permission" to fatten up and pretend to freak out about her biological clock.


It's been eight years since Bridget Jones's Diary hit the screen — and thirteen years since the novel was published — and the neurotic, messy character feels very dated. Even more tired is the my-life-is-not-complete-without-a-child cliché. From Marisa Tomei stomping her heel while ranting about her biological clock in 1992's My Cousin Vinny to Tina Fey's Baby Mama (not to mention Liz Lemon's baby fever).

Plus: Not only do we have to read about Zellweger eating "biscuits and gravy, crispy duck, Snickers, milk shakes, pizza and butter-soaked potatoes" — People calls this her "very special diet" to "get in shape" to play Bridget Jones — but when the filming is finished, we'll inevitably have to hear about Zellweger's amazing weight loss, which will surely involve a personal trainer and grilled chicken and lots of veggies. While regular Americans get fat-shamed, Renée is a yo-yo dieting icon!


When the Bridget Jones novel came out, its appeal was that its heroine was offbeat and charmingly imperfect as she obsessed about love and career — a fresh take. But now that the series has become about weight and babies, how does it differ from all the other crap targeted to women?

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