Things Get Even More Awkward Between ESPN's Leading Ladies

Michelle Beadle freely admits that she's not a fan of Erin Andrews. "Everyone who knows me knows that," she tells me. It hasn't affected any of the hierarchy at ESPN at this point, but Beadle's admission in the new ESPN oral history that she watched Erin's peephole vid could put the WWL in the precarious position of having to side with one of their premier talents over another.

There are seven pages in the book devoted to Erin Andrews's summer of 2009, with quotes from Andrews; her father, Steve; Rachel Nichols; Steve Berthiaume; Cindy Brunson; Chris Fowler; Rece Davis; and, of course, Beadle. Here's what Beadle says about Andrews in the book. [Deadspin]


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Stop woman on woman crime. Just say no. You're not required to have a public opinion about a colleague. If you can't say anything nice...there are a million adages that apply to this ladies. Stop.