Things are getting pretty heated at the Time 100 Reader Poll. Indian politician Arvind Kejriwal sits at number one, with Katy Perry just behind him. Laverne Cox ousted Justin Bieber (fifth place) and now sits at the number three spot. Beyoncé sits at fourth, Benedict Cumberbatch at sixth, and Lupita Nyong'o at ninth. (Fun fact, Lupita doesn't have too many 'Yes' votes but the least amount of 'No' votes—we literally can't say no to Lupita.) Voting closes on April 22, so if you're into this sort of thing or just want to go fuck with the system, go do it!


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Seriously, Time Magazine, I'm wishing you could put this poll out of its misery and deep-six it straightaway. The only newsflash I'm getting is that the word "infuential" has lost much — or most — of its currency, at least where your readers' opinions are concerned.

Bottom line: with a few notable exceptions, that current top ten list is pretty depressing.