Thin May Be In But Fat's More Fun

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A new study out of Japan has found that outgoing people tend to be overweight, while "anxious types" are more likely to be thin, reports Reuters. In a survey of more than 30,000 Japanese people, Tohoku University researchers found that extroverted men and women are nearly twice as likely to be obese. Introverts were twice as likely to be underweight. The age-old images of fun, jolly fat characters and thin, drawn nervous types have some basis in fact. And, according to The New York Times, fat people are indeed outgoing — especially on blogs — or as the Times calls it, "The Fatosphere."


According to the article, fat bloggers "Celebrate their full figures and call on readers to accept their bodies, quit dieting and get on with life." There's no focus on diets, but there's no encouragement to pig out, either: "One of the first obstacles to fat acceptance is breaking down the question of whether being fat is a choice," says Shapely Prose blogger Kate Harding. "No fat acceptance advocate is saying you should sit around and wildly overeat. What we're saying is that exercise and a balanced diet do not make everyone thin."

Of course, thin people have blogs as well (the pro-ana presence on the Web has been well-documented). But while Hollywood and fashion magazines continue to promote an extremely-skinny woman as the ideal, the reality is that most chicks are not under a size 6. Isn't it okay to be proud of that fact? Plus, in a recent survey, women were asked if they'd rather have Jennifer Aniston's body or be a millionaire and 78% said they'd take the money. Cash buys you a trainer if you want it — or more Haägen-Dazs. Call it "extroverted" or whatever you like: In contrast to how skinny girls are nervous about staying that way, these writers make being "fat" seem like fun.

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