Here's a tip: if you want your teenage daughter to be mentally and physically healthy, don't let her become a model. Even if, as in the case of Tatiana Stewart, profiled in today's Wall Street Journal, her "willowy physique โ€” she is 6'2" and wears a size 4 โ€” attracts fashion-modeling scouts on the street." Now her mother worries, because her daughter's been told repeatedly that she needs to lose weight, ideally losing 10 to 15 pounds to get down to a "loose size 2" with sunken cheeks. Says her mom: "I can't imagine her being as beautiful as she is if she's emaciated." Despite the deaths of a number of models and a half-hearted attempt by the fashion industry to make health a priority, the reality is that you still can't be too thin. "I always thought I was thin," says Tatiana. "Girls here I know are 5'10 and size 0, and they want them to lose weight for Fashion Week. I don't think anybody's body is naturally like that." [WSJ]