A Zumba convention in Miami, Florida: could anything short of tripping balls on livestock-quality uppers at a children's carnival be more colorful and aggressively fun? Not after thieves made off with over a million and a half dollars worth of Zumba clothing!

According to Glamour, the specially calibrated activewear was taken from a truck en route from Orlando to Miami for the aforementioned convention, and organizers are pissed. They're offering $1,000 worth of Zumba clothing to anyone who passes on information that leads the the apprehension of the thieves and recovery of the outfits.

Unlike other branded group workout programs, Zumba doesn't charge gyms licensing fees for featuring the workout in their respective repertoires. Instead, they make money by selling Zumba equipment, videos and clothing through their website. It's not available in stores.

Stealing is wrong, but I bet that robbery was fun as hell. They didn't even feel like they were robbing until after they'd already worked up a sweat because they were having such a great, uninhibited time just dancing with their gal pals.