Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Afraid to Leave the Theater

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Saturday evening is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s last performance in Hamilton, and his fans are determined to crush each other to death just to catch a glimpse of him.

On Thursday, Manuel was tweeting with his rabid followers when one begged him to come meet with them on the street after his show:


Manuel responded that he’d love to shake hands with every Broadway Baby waiting out there, but they’d probably all kill each other to be first in line:

But he knows they’re just excited:


The New York Post reports that police put a detail of about 20 cops around the theater to prevent people from blocking traffic/rending the clothing of stars into scrap-bookable shreds. They also say at least one fan was hospitalized after fainting in the heat on Wednesday, and another teen had to be escorted away after having a panic attack. The thought of even approaching this crowd wigs me out, so that’s completely understandable.

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They are the nicest, most gracious people, but I get it. I stage doored in February and even then, Leslie, Lin, and Philippa didn’t stage door, and the crowd was large, but manageable (i.e., everyone fit on the sidewalk and in front of the Richard Rodgers theatre stage doors). I talked to Daveed, Chris, Renee, and Jonathan Groff, and they took the time to give basically everyone an autograph and picture - after doing 8 shows that week and it being past midnight. But I would feel guilty if people panicked and got injured over me. I’m waiting until I meet LMM when we are both in our 70s. I’ll get my autograph then. Until then, I’ll savor the memory of him staring at me during the show wondering WTF I was leaning over rooting on the floor for when I was trying to dig kleenex out of my bag because we all know what happens at the middle and end of the second act!