We knew last year that viral sorority recruitment videos had jumped the shark—or if not, that they were just about to. That status is official now, with this video from the sisters of Delta Gamma at the University of Miami. These DGs were clearly not satisfied with the pretty spectacular offering they produced last year, and hired someone who had access to either a helicopter (or more likely a drone) to shoot some pretty phenomenal footage of them sunning and funning on some very nice boats.

Miami New Times brings us Delta Gamma’s masterpiece, which appears to have come to them by way of “an official press release” complete with “official GIFs!”

The women enlisted the help of Artec Media, which not only shot the sisters partying on two separate boats and just about every body of water in southern Miami-Dade County, but also provided an original song with vocals by The Voice contestant Joselyn Rivera.

Damnnnnn. Artec Media, for those curious, is a company comprised of maybe just one dude also from Miami, who is apparently very good at taking shots of people on boats and/or doing water-based activities while producing catchy music with other Miami-based performers. As some copy I presume came straight from the original press release states:

Artec is a complete creative maestro specializing in everything from music, video, and design. He is based out of Miami and regularly showcases his musical prowess at top nightclubs and venues alike.


I mean, check out these boat shots! What a jack of all trades—a master of all trades, even.



What we’re not seeing here: exactly how many months of dues this whole thing cost. Or whose parents made a nice little donation to the sorority to fund it. Or who is friends with Diego Camejo AKA Artec and hooked it up.

1/7/15: A previous version of this post mis-associated Artec with his manager Eric Espinal.

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