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These Rooms Are Just for the Ladies

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For too long, women have been forced to endure the tyranny of hotel rooms that were not designed specifically to meet their needs. But good news: our collective suffering is over because there is a new trend of hotels creating rooms that are just for women. What, exactly does this mean? Well, at the Dukes London, it means "fresh flowers, women's magazines and size-appropriate slippers and robes and female staff members who are escorts at check-in." Vancouver's Georgian Court Hotel has the Orchid Floor, a special women's only floor where the rooms are equipped flat irons, yoga mats and beauty products. A hotel in Copenhagen also has a floor that's only accessible to female guests using a key card.


So basically, what it comes down to is that these are special floors where you'll feel safer? That's a perfectly acceptable service to offer—though hopefully they're not charging extra for the privilege. It seems like a bit of overkill to invoke women's stereotypical love of robes, flowers, and scented lotions, but at least they haven't doused the rooms in Pepto pink. Still, maybe spare us the yoga mats? The last thing anyone, ladies included, wants to do when they are ordering a mediocre burger from room service at midnight and trying desperately to finish that presentation for tomorrow's meeting is have a yoga mat whispering from the corner of the room, "You should really work out more."

Hotels Create Rooms and Floors Just for Women [New York Times]

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Actually, a lot of Kimpton hotels include free yoga equipment in the hotel rooms, and that's something I quite like.

As someone who has had to travel for business, I don't mind these more "feminine" rooms so much. It's comfortable, if the touches are a smidge stereotypical. But honestly, knowing a flat iron will be waiting for me? Fine with that.