There's something about an abandoned school that's somehow nostalgic, but also frightening. And this abandoned school in North Carolina is no different. Haunting, sad and, most importantly, creepy, this album of photos will likely give you a legitimate case of the nopes. (Especially when you start thinking about what ever happened to Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Huss.) (They are probably fine.) (Or ghosts.)

There's not much information about these photos, which may actually make them even more effective. Not knowing how the school came to be abandoned or what happened to the people who went there (graduated, probably) makes them an eerie time capsule of days gone by. And as one commenter suggested on Imgur, the only way to make this even creepier is by installing a motion sensor that triggered the laugh of a child as you walked through the building. What is it about children's laughter that is just so creepy? (Can't wait to have kids!)


Images via Reddit