Katniss is alive and well and coming to your movie screens this holiday season. But before you can see the movie, Lionsgate is going to tease you until you burst with beautiful promos featuring everyone from Alex Minsky as a worker from the lumber district (not in movie) to Julianne Moore as President Coin. Let the games begin. (No, I didn't just type that. I take it back! I take it back!)

The photos of District 13, featured on every Hunger Games fan site and already garnering the criticial acclaim of fans (who probably didn't buy the first book when it was only on sale at Target and are just posers) (but I am not hating) (even though the fact that I was into these books first is the most interesting fact about me) and other Jezebel bloggers who chat with me late at night are just what you'd imagine the underground community to look like: Dark, austere and very clinical. And you're going to love them. (Probably. I don't know your life.) Volunteer to check them out below and then head over to Screen Crush for more!

Images via Lionsgate