To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singaporeā€™s independence, Australia is loaning the city state four adorable (and highly vicious) koalas. While the drop bears will be flying in crates, Qantas staged a photo shoot in which the koalas enjoyed first class treatment on an airplane. And the little monsters couldnā€™t give less of a shit if they tried.

If I were a koala living my best life, eating eucalyptus all day and dropping on unsuspecting tourists, I would also probably not be that excited about being shoved onto an airplane and having cameras popping off in my face. Even if the flight attendants were offering me hot towels, which, letā€™s face it, what is a koala going to do with?


According to The BBC, the public had mixed reactions about Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idaliaā€™s photo shoot. The comments ranged from the punny (ā€˜koalifcationā€™ jokes) to the downright real, with one commenter on The BBCā€™s Facebook page posting ā€˜wow showing her teeth and making direct eye contact. Hope there is an air marshal on that plane when that koala decides to attack.ā€™ And if you take a look at a publicity photo of a koala being offered a hot towel below, itā€™s not hard to imagine itā€™s thinking ā€œI swear to god, I am so done with your shit, Cheryl.ā€

The koalas will be on loan to Singapore for the next six months. Once theyā€™ve finished their quarantine in May theyā€™ll be available to meet and greet (from a safe and respectable distance) at The Singapore Zoo, where theyā€™ll be given the title ā€œcultural ambassadors.ā€™


Publicity photos via Qantas/Facebook