These Hocus Pocus Witches Are Men in Brilliant Makeup

Illustration for article titled These emHocus Pocus/em Witches Are Men in Brilliant Makeup

You guys, the witch in the middle isn't Bette Midler. This is blowing my mind. (And everyone knows I am never given to hyperbole.)


This photo, posted yesterday on Reddit, is going to make many of us wish that we knew how to put on a lace front (I consulted with an expert as to what type of wig was used because god knows I know nothing about hair. I actually once asked someone how she grew braids in two weeks) and contour the shit out of our foreheads so we could look half as good as the Sanderson sisters presented here.

Think that's not amazing? Here's the before. These guys are already good-looking mofos and they look just as good in makeup? Life: Unfair. The other thing that's unfair is that most people are complimenting the look on the left (Sarah), but it's really Winnie that's stealing the show. Does Bette Midler have a comment or is she too busy singing "Waterfalls?"


Come on, commenters! What have you got?

Image via Reddit

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As a woman I don't want to know how to do make up like a pro. I want to understand and know make up like a Drag Queen.