These Gay Penguins Should Sue If Their Adoption Doesn't Work Out

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Who couldn’t love Skip and Ping, the famous gay penguin couple at the Zoo Berlin? The New York Times reports that as soon as the couple, just one example of how same-sex couples appear in penguin communities, came to the zoo, they were looking to start a family.

They nurtured a rock and a fish, but it wasn’t the same. After a female penguin at the zoo named The Orange hatched an egg, the zoo gave it to the two new dads to father. How adorable, assuming The Orange consented to this! But there’s a catch: this egg might not even be fertilized.

Yes, this adoption (or is it a surrogacy?) organized by the zoo might not even work. Those poor penguins could be fathering an empty egg. All that work, and for what? Anja Seiferth, the penguin keeper at the zoo, told the NYT that there’s no way to know for sure until early September, when the egg might hatch or not. If it’s the latter, I suggest these two wannabe fathers sue. These gay penguins deserve justice and a baby!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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This makes it sound like they gave them a chick, not an egg. And don’t most penguins lay two eggs? Did they give them the spare egg?