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These Downton Abbey Trading Cards Will Distract You From Your Grief

Illustration for article titled These emDownton Abbey/em Trading Cards Will Distract You From Your Grief

If you are in full mourning over the end of Downton Abbey coming to an end for the moment, perhaps these stylish Downton trading cards from Vanity Fair will be of some comfort. I'll trade you a Lady Edith and a Branson for an Anna and Mr. Bates.


But if that doesn't help, you might want to go on this tour of the real castle that plays Downton Abbey on TV. It should help you envision that you live there and Matthew Crawley might pop over for a visit anytime, but it could also make you dangerously jealous of the lucky woman who actually gets to call it home.


Downton Abbey Trading Cards for Season 2's Finale [Vanity Fair]
The castle from the real Downton Abbey [CBS News]

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Oh please you Americans . . . the fact is that the Downton Abbey version you see on PBS is not the 100% version in the UK. You lost 40 mins and even didn't get the Christmas Special where everything is revealed.

Downton Abbey" season 3 premiere in U.K. in September 2012. It, however, will not air on PBS until early 2013 with all the edits and missing subplots.

Shirley MacLaine is going to play Lady Grantham's mother

Season 3 will feature two weddings (obviously Matthew and Mary)