Today in The New York Times, Eric Wilson writes, "Everyone's a critic." The glut of people who consider themselves to be "style experts" is growing. Lloyd Boston is on Full Frontal Fashion and the Today show; William Sledd is the Gap sales clerk from Ask A Gay Man; Robert Verdi is a "fashion guru"; Queer Eye star Carson Kressley has a new makeover show on Lifetime; Tim Gunn has a guide to style, with model Veronica Webb; Fonzworth Bentley comments on Access Hollywood; America's Next Top Model's Jay Manuel is also on the Style Network . But why the hell do we need so many "experts"? What do these people really offer us?

Do these people say the cutting, critical, judgmental things we ourselves want to say when we see fashion, good or bad? And uh, don't we sort of already say those things, if not out loud, then in our heads? And, in this era of runway photos gone global on the Internet and fast-food equivalent "fast fashion" stores like H&M and Forever 21, aren't we all "style experts" at this point?

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