These Adidas Shoes are Designed to Look Like They Are Covered in Mud

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Adidas wants you stop worrying about getting mud on your brand new sneakers. So they're you shoes that already have the mud on them. BRILLIANT! Wait—what?


Remember the days when you used to buy new sneakers and guard from dirt, scuffs and scratches like the like Knight's Watch protecting the wall? They were so beautiful and pristine when they were brand new. Then, suddenly, you don't look where you're going and BOOM you trip and there's a scratch in the beautiful surface of that shoe. Not only are you practically in tears, but you now have to face your mother yelling "THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!" (My childhood was awesome.) But thanks to a new product from Adidas, you can skip all that drama and go straight to the the cruddy shoe look. Via Refinery 29:

For fall '14, the brand joined forces again with Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi with a line of reimagined adidas Originals featuring classic silhouettes with a twist. And, this offering includes these already-stained trainers.

OK, the concept is kind of cool and these seem to be more like an art project than an actual cutting-edge, fashion forward statement. I'll wait for the #muddysneaks hashtag on Instagram blows up before I weep for the sanity of pop culture. I've already shed so many, many tears about that.

But aside from that, my question for you is this: Would you wear shoes like this? How much you pay for them? I might do it, for the humorous aspects of it, but I doubt that would be worth Adidas fancy-schmancy shoe designer prices.

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I would not wear shoes like this. I would 100% buy these for my kids, who have managed to dirty their shoes up before taking them out of the shoebox. That way, when my mother spies them and tells me about how she polished my shoes every night (like a good mother would), I'll be able to tell her that they're high fashion and to sod off.