Sleeping temperatures are often a bone of contention among couples — I'm always cold and sticking my icicle hands under my boyfriend's warm tummy, much to his chagrin. Most people would just whine about their freezing feet or use covert tactics like turning the heat down behind their partner's back, but Cheryl Grucz, 61, of Washington Township, Michigan, decided to bring in the big guns. Literally. Her husband Joseph wanted to turn up the heat, and according to the Associated Press, Cheryl "pulled out a gun and shot their flat-screen TV while [Joseph] cowered behind a pillow." Joe told the 911 dispatcher: "She's all excited about [him turning the temperature up] because she's so cheap." (Gives new meaning towards the phrase "hot flashes", no?)

Interestingly, yesterday morning, the Today Show was all over what they've dubbed the "thermostat wars", interviewing a number couples on the street about their sleep habits. ("I'm always hot, he's always cold," one woman declared. "He usually just does what I want, and that solves [the temperature problem] just fine.") Then Meredith Vieira interviewed psychologist Jeff Gardere, who threw out some stats, like that fact that 75% of women like their sleep environments warm, while only 25% of men do. He goes on to say that men are hotter because they have a higher body mass and a higher metabolism, so their "furnace burns" much more. Then Gardere added: "Women have higher body fat. Wink wink." (Wink wink? Is he verbally winking because body fat = boobs? Or because he's afraid Meredith is going to yell at him for talking about female fat? It was weird.)

Anyway, the Today Show's solution to a détente in the thermostat wars? "Spend your way out of this argument!" The show suggested number of products, some useful, like "Split the Sheets" bedding made of half flannel and half cotton, some outlandishly expensive, like Vera Wang's Serta natural foam bed, and some ridiculously obvious, like flannel PJ's. Short of purchasing new bedding or shooting up a flat screen TV, what's the answer to brokering peace in a shared bed?

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