There's Something Wrong With The Kids In Orange County

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If you get all your information about the West Coast from movies and TV, then Orange County is truly a mythic place: Home of Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Seth Cohen and Botox parties. But there's more to the richie-rich über-conservative enclave than vapid consumption, professional prettiness, plastic surgery and gorgeous ocean views. Like the Spur Posse! And picking on the underdog! Two Newport Beach teenage girls have been arrested for beating a "mentally retarded" girl and posting the video on MySpace. God, we thought it was over-the-top when Luke fought Ryan and said, "Welcome to the OC, bitch. This is how it's done in Orange County."


The girls involved in the attack are students at Newport Harbor High School (you know, the one Marissa Cooper got kicked out of?). Thankfully, you can no longer watch the video, as it's been removed from the Internet, and a police sergeant says he doesn't know the motive for the assault. Do you think it's because this developmentally disabled young woman didn't fit into the picture-perfect lifestyle they're pushing out there? What is it about Orange County? Is everyone a blonde, spoiled, shopaholic? Does money make people do despicable things? Is there something in the water?


Newport Beach Girls Arrested In Videotaped Beating Posted On MySpace [LA Times]
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I live in Orange County, and what I experience, for the most part, of Orange County is not even remotely close to what is being portrayed in the media. I think it has a lot to do with the fact in TV Land, only rich white people exist. Those TV shows, if they have any basis in reality at all, are showing only the wealthiest southern part of Orange County. My life in Orange County consists of getting REALLY good Mexican and Vietnamnese food dirt cheap, and going to the beach whenever I feel like. It's not about being blond and tan and botoxed, though I do see some of that going on when I go to the mall.

I think those two girls didn't beat up that retarded girl because they're from Orange County, they beat her up because they are total assholes. My good friend, who spent almost his entire life in Orange County, teaches special ed. He puts up with developmentally disables kids punching him and kicking him on a daily basis, but he still has tons of compassion for them. It'd be just as silly to, based upon that, to assume that all Orange County people are full of compassion, as it is to assume all Orange County people are assholes based on the behavior of a couple of shitty people.