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There's Hope For Today's Teens… Sorta

Illustration for article titled Theres Hope For Todays Teens… Sorta

The N, as a TV network, is Nickelodeon's borderline slutty big sister. It's targeted at teens and runs shows like Degrassi and Instant Star, (a highly addictive show about a teenage girl who wins an American Idol-type contest and has major chemistry with her record producer, a twenty-something former boy-band member, not that I ever watched, cough cough.) The network conducted a survey - polling women between the ages of 13 and 24 - assessing the "state of the millennial girl." The good news? 60% said that they were "happy." Only 6% had a famous athlete, musician, singer, actor, or author as their role model; 25% said their moms were their role models. But! 34% either said they "look up to themselves" or don't have a role model at all. And 62% believe it's easier for males to become CEO, while 45% think it's easier for males to get promoted at work. The worst part? They're probably right! What's really weird is this:

72% said there has never been a better time to be female. Maybe they haven't heard about the backlash? In any case, a separate study conducted by Dr. Eleanor Mackey of the Children's National Medical Center and her colleague Dr. Annette La Greca from the University of Miami showed that girls define their "normal" body weight by who they hang out with. "Jocks" are less concerned with their weight; "alternatives" are more likely to be appearance-oriented and actively trying to lose weight; burnouts just think thinness is something other people obsess about. Whether this is good or bad is kind of unclear.


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@goldengirl11: alternatives wear all black and listen to emo and/or thrash music. they probably have safety pins attached at random places to their clothing. burnouts wear grateful dead t shirts and hemp necklaces and sandals in winter.