There's a video on Advertising Age about BLOGS STEALING CONTENT from magazines and OMG HOW THE MAGAZINES ARE GOING TO SURVIVE OUR PITILESS ASSAULT ON THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and you don't really need to watch the video because I can sum it up thusly: many magazines simply do not deserve to exist. Seriously, when I came to work for this blog I was like "Anna, the cool thing about this is, whereas it was actually a little painful for me to see newspaper content repurposed so relentlessly on blogs that they couldn't make any money on the internet and had to lay off all the reporters not in charge of covering gruesome crime/heroic dogs, we could kill women's magazines entirely and I would not feel ONE TWINGE of remorse!" Anyway the video brings up that unretouched Redbook cover with Faith Hill that we ran a few months back, which is ironic since it's not like they were doing anything with it, which gave us a great idea! Why don't magazines just make back all the ad revenue we're stealing running the before/after photoshop jobs on their websites? And they could make a branded reality show about the photo department. Like Six Feet Under meets The Hills! Do it before Harvey Levin "steals" the idea first! [Ad Age]