There's a Penis on My Backpack

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There's a penis on my backpack. A real one. I need to go to school but there's this large, black penis lazily resting on my backpack and really don't know what to do. I am 12, kneeled down in front of this penis like I'm examining a strange leaf or perhaps a weird mushroom. I hesitantly reach for my pink backpack underneath, grimace, pull back and shake my head. "Ugh," I think to myself as I stare at the 22 year old naked male attached to the penis, "This guy ruins EVERYTHING."

Charles had already ruined the evening before, at dinner. We had been throwing insults back and forth around the table and it all ended with Charles triumphantly announcing that he had taken a shit and wiped his ass with one of my favorite shirts, but he would never tell me which one. I tried to leave the table to storm off to my room but Charles said it was bad manners to leave before everyone else, so I had to stay.

But after all that had transpired that night, everyone was still fully dressed when I had gone to bed. I didn't really know what had happened to leave me in my current predicament but the beer cans at the base of the couch were a good clue. "Who does this??" I thought to myself as I looked at this unconscious, naked man. I started to walk back towards my mom's room. "Mom." I said flatly, with as much judgement as I could put into my young voice, "Charles is naked on the couch on my backpack." But my mom was sound asleep, and the snoring from her sleep apnea drowned out my voice. I thought of shaking her awake and dragging her out to see for herself the person she had let into our lives, but I knew deep down that I wouldn't enjoy how sad she'd be.


I walked back into the livingroom, quietly picked up the phone, and walked into the kitchen to call Darnesha.

"Darnesha," I whispered.

"What," she said groggily. It was still a little too early to be heading out.

"Charles is asleep naked on the couch – on my backpack."

"I'll be right over."

She hung up the phone.

Within 5 minutes my neighbor and best friend was at my door, barely able to contain her excitement at our new adventure. Her eyes slid over to the right and she spied the naked Charles, "oooh….look at that." She rushed in unzipped her backpack and pulled out a camera.

"What are you doing? You'll wake him up!" I whispered frantically.

Darnesha was far more savvy than me. She wore eyeliner and knew how to gel her hair in a way that looked both pretty and dangerous. She knew what she was doing. "No, he's passed out, look" and she calmly poked him hard in the thigh. He twitched his leg a little and stayed fast asleep. She got about a foot away from his penis, intently snapping pictures with her little 35mm camera. Then she backed up to get some full body shots. She laughed a little and shook her head.



I laughed a little and then started to cry a bit. "Darnesha, I hate him so much. He makes me want to run away." I was choking on my words. He ruined everything, my mom, my dinner, my clothes – my whole childhood. And here I was, just trying to go to school, the one place where I was safe and somewhat happy, and he was ruining that too.


Darnesha said quickly, "Hey, it's ok, look." And she quickly yanked the backpack out from under him and handed it to me. He snorted in his sleep and turned to his side.

I didn't even want to touch my bag. I took it gingerly by the shoulder straps. My little brother came out of his room dressed for school. "Hey, what's going on?" he asked.


"Shh!!" I said, "Go — go to the bus now." I didn't want him to see this. He quickly ran out the door, confused.

I set my jaw in anger. Kids shouldn't be seeing this, I thought. I looked down at Charles again, sleeping so peacefully.


I unzipped my backpack and pulled out my Washington State History textbook. I aimed for his good eye and threw it as hard as I could. It hit its mark with a hard thud and then bounced onto the floor.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" He jolted up, disoriented. He reached for his eye and I rushed over and grabbed the textbook off the floor and with one quick swing hit him again. The contact of the corner of the textbook with his eyebrow reverberated through my arm.


"Fuck!" He yelled and started to get up.

"Run!" I said quickly.

"Loser," Darnesha said again as we ran out the door.

We didn't stop running until we reached the bus stop at the top of the apartment complex. I looked around, he hadn't followed us.


"Man, that was so awesome! Damn!" Darnesha laughed. She was wide-eyed, amazed.

I laughed at myself, still in a bit of shock. "It was, wasn't it?" I laughed some more. Then I smiled the biggest smile I'd had all year. I replayed the vision of Charles clutching his eye, naked and hurting and stupid. "God, what a loser, " I said, and I got on the bus.


Ijeoma Oluo is a single mom in the Seattle area who blogs about politics, crafts, parenting, books, and music.


This post originally appeared on her Her Honest Life. Republished with permission.

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Sorry, but I cheered at this article. This girl is in a situation where it is clear she is being emotionally violated, and based on the tone of the article it would not be surprising to me if it went beyond that. She is not being protected or advocated for by her mother, and it seems like she is the oldest sibling. Maybe her response isn't perfect by adult logic, but she took what is clearly a very disempowering situation for a child (and for many adults), and empowered herself with the tools she had available. I'm a therapist, and even though we have no information about whether Charles has touched her in anyway, children being exposed to sexual situations (which would include in my opinion, being exposed to your mother's passed out naked boyfriend) beyond their comprehension can absolutely be considered abuse, as can living with adults with substance abuse issues, as can living with someone who does something as demeaning as using their bodily fluids to terrorize another. This girl is a child in an at least emotionally abusive situation (not to downplay that), if not beyond. Her friend was smart in taking pictures in case there is a future situation that ends up involving law enforcement, to have as proof as what is really going on. So many times kids are voiceless when their words are pitted against those of adults. I think her response allowed her to take back some power in this situation, and was actually probably very cathartic for her.