There's a Grindr for Backpackers called 'Travel Hotties'

Travel Hotties, a "Social Backpacker Community," is an online travel community for "students, youths, backpackers and hardcore travellers." It's "like traditional matching, ranking and dating websites except with a unique twist: find people where they are right now!"

Apparently the site's been around for a while; for example, faith2swee, who is "just nice,caring,ready to learn and get to meet people" has been a member since 2007. But there don't seem to be any active Travel Hotties on the site; the "immunization" and "women traveling" forums are silent and few people have filled out their profiles.


Where are the obnoxious girls who come home drunk and pop in the only DVD the hostel has — a subtitled version of What Women Want, probably — every night, on full volume? Where's the white guy with dreads who brags about how much money he's saving in Rome by cooking lentils every day and hanging out on the beanbag in the common room?

Travel Hotties could've been my worst nightmare: an online sexy youth hostel. I'm almost disappointed.

(h/t Rosie Gray)

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