There Sure Are a Lot of Rape Jokes in Sitcoms Lately

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Oy, vey. A lot of rape jokes have been made on primetime television this past year— like a lot a lot— and while a few have managed to land with a certain level of self awareness or humor (like Maya Rudolph in her ski suit on Up All Night) the majority are thrown about all-too casually and, generally, in extremely poor taste. Among the most guilty is 2 Broke Girls, a show that throws around rape jokes as often as they do outdated hipster references (the jokes, by the way, are as cheap as the set decoration), however the award for "Absolute Worst" has got to be a tie between Workaholics' "sleep assault" quip and Rob!'s accidentally-falling-over-on-a-passed-out-old-lady routine.


The Sitcom Season in Rape Jokes [Vulture]

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I don't understand why Maya Rudolph's rape joke (hyperbolic use of the word rape in relation to a ski suit) is implied to be self aware and humorous, yet one of the 2 Broke Girls rape joke (blonde says something about 'omg, I thought I was going to be raped!' brunette says something to the effect of, 'that's not what rape feels like'—i.e. pointing out the misuse of the word rape) is implied to be a joke done in poor taste?