There Is No "Kathryn Bigelow Effect" This Year

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The Directors Guild Of America nominees are all male this year. But that's just because female directors didn't make any good movies! Well, except for Winter's Bone. Or The Kids Or All Right.The Coen brothers were also ignored.

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I am calm, but thanks

I have to admit. I just saw The Kids Are Alright and I hated it. Seriously. It was ok, but kind of insulting and after all the hype it was not doing anything for me.

It felt like a movie that straight people watch and then congradulate themselves for watching because it was about lesbians. That isn't really a coherent statement of why that movie irritated me so.

Others who hated it feel free to help me put my finger on it.

I don't see it as reflection of excellence from women in hollywood and don't blame anyone for snubbing it.