There Are So Many Things Wrong With This Picture We Can't Even Caption It

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But for starters: 1) She has like 12 fingers due to shutterspeed and 12 chins due to cheetos, 2) She's shopping for a birdcage? Is this to better prepare Sean Preston for a life behind bars, 3) Pink Moonboots.


[Hollywood, CA; June 21. Image via X17]

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Okay, Britney. I know you are determined to "convince" us that you are a real "person" and all, but I must applaud you for the way you "ALWAYS" go above and beyond the other celebrities to keep me feeling that my life doesn't suck so much. I'm starting to get offended though, cause, how much must you think my life sucks that you are willing to go to these extremes of abject humiliation? Even I know that that crap you insist on wearing out in public is a trial to the human eye. Even I know that that ratty weave in your hair in an infestation ground for lice, disease, and shrinking brains. Please- go back to kickin' it in trailers cause you're embarassing all of Louisiana with this foolishness.