There are so many things to worry about as a woman prepares herself for childbirth: Will my baby be born healthy? Will my body recover fully? Will my vadge look perfectly hairless when it comes time to push a child out of it? Yes, increasing numbers of New York women are scheduling everything from hair appointments to manicure appointments to waxing appointments just before going into labor. And in one case, a woman got a mani/pedi the morning before she gave birth — despite the fact that she was already having contractions. After all, as one new mom puts it, "At least when I look back at the pictures of me holding my baby, I can say - other than how beautiful my son is - 'Oh, what a damn good manicure that is!'" Priorities, people. Priorities. [NYPost]


Honestly...I went into surprise (early) labor before I took a shower one night and my biggest regret about it all is how nasty I felt laying in a hospital bed with dirty ass hair. In all our "first" pictures I have my hair slicked back and look horrendous.

These women aren't trying to impress anyone, just feel better at a physically miserable time.