There Are Only Pyrrhic Victors In Cosmopolitan's "Boyfriend Wars"

One of the newer features in the "Hot Guys" section of Cosmpolitan magazine's website is an insidious recurring contest called Boyfriend Wars, on which boyfriends are pitted head to head, kitten war style, and readers are asked to vote on "Who's got the better boy." The boyfriends are represented by a photograph plus a sentence or two written by their girlfriends on why their man is better than everyone else's. One of my favorite nuggets: "Ken sends me pictures of puppies everyday because he knows I love dogs — he's getting me one someday!" Even better: "John's unwavering support helped me overcome anorexia." That's like bringing up the Holocaust in an argument. How can puppies compete with a guy giving some chick the will to eat? The ridiculousness of these examples aside, the entire contest is insulting and only perpetuates the idea that women are just dying to have a reductive cat fight about anything — their jobs, their bodies and now even their boyfriends!

And even ignoring the gross woman-on-woman aggression aspect, how can you even begin to compare boyfriends in the first place? How can you compare the worth of any one person to another? The fact that your dude takes you ballroom dancing does not illustrate what kind of man he is. The doting girlfriends on don't even talk about the really important aspects of a dude, you know, like dick size and bank account.

Boyfriend Wars [Cosmopolitan]

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