Theft, Lies, & Videotaping: Gosselin Plans To Tap Into Kids' Trust Fund

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On Friday, Jon Gosselin appeared on The Insider and said he intends on tapping into his kids' trust fund. This morning, Kate was on Today and The View to discuss how he emptied the family's bank account.

In an interview last week on Entertainment Tonight, Jon insisted that his decision to halt production of Kate Plus 8 was not about money, saying, "My kids are more important to me than your dollars." However, since then, he has reportedly emptied $230,000 from his family's joint bank account, money that was set aside for paying the household bills.

This morning, a visibly shaken Kate was on Today, giving very specific details about the family's finances, and telling Meredith Vieira that she was left with only $1,000, and can not pay her bills. (Jon and his lawyers have released a statement to Entertainment Tonight, sort of denying her claims.)

On Friday, Jon was a guest on The Insider—which has a new View-ish panel setup—and said that 80% of the money he and his family have earned has been put into a trust for his children. However, he said that the trust is "revocable," meaning that he has access to the money in it. He admitted that he "absolutely" plans on dipping into this trust.

In a phone interview on The View today, Kate said that she would work at McDonald's, if need be, to support her children, but would obviously prefer the larger paychecks from TLC.

Jon, who has been claiming that he wants his children off the show because the lack of privacy is "harmful" to them, disclosed on The Insider the last time he had sexual intercourse with Kate.

He then lied, over and over and over again about various rumors. (Please, he's never smoked a joint in his life? Didn't he live in a Hawaii for a while?)

After denying scandal after scandal, Jon apologized to people for his "mistakes." He also said he believes he will survive this particular one.

But will he survive Nancy Grace? Jon will be facing off with her tonight on The Insider.

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Oh, and Hailey weighs in, via Twitter, if anyone cares.

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Did these dullards think that TV would support them all the way till "Jon and Kate +8 go to college?