All those kids who wore Cats t-shirts in middle school would have passed out from excitement at last night's premiere of the A Man For All Seasons revival at Roundabout Theatre Company's American Airlines Theatre. Elaine Stritch! Chita Rivera! Barbara Cook! And that's to say nothing of opera diva Jessye Norman and Cynthia Nixon (obviously so glad to be away from the indignities of SATC). The clothes? Well, kids, this is legitimate theatre, so the clothes are always...bizarre. The Goods were more "Broadway good" than, well, good, and the Bads were more missteps than spectacular failures. Laugh, cry, wait for Thomas More to get beheaded โ€” after the jump!

The Good:

Jessica Collins rocks an LBD.

Awesome. Elaine Stritch, acerbic theatre legend.


Chita Rivera!

Julie White dresses exactly as I did as a freshman in college! But she looks better.


Opera singer Jessye Norman is such an awesome diva.

The Bad:


We get it. Stockard Channing played Rizzo.

From the waist up, Cynthia Nixon looks amazing. But the skirt is so awkward and unflattering.


Kate Jennings Grant doesn't look awful or anything. But a few simple tweaks โ€” notably, omitting the stockings, changing shoes โ€” would have improved this 1000%.

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