The best of the B-list came out last night for the L.A. premiere of Adam Sandler's latest comedy, Don't Mess With The Zohan, and many of the not-quite-there stars showed off not-quite-there clothes. Yes, some of young Hollywood's lady up-and-comers - Anna Faris! Emmanuelle Chriqui! - pulled off luscious looks, but there were also some fashion crimes - Charlotte Rae! Marissa Jaret Winokur! - that we simply cannot ignore. All of them, of course, after the jump.

The Good

Anna Faris, aka "That girl from Scary Movie" looks downright pretty.

I love Emmanuelle Chriqui's nightgown-inspired dress, because lord knows I love me a nightgown.


Oh look, it's "that chick from Superbad" looking super good. Her name is Emma Stone; take note friends.


Malina Akerman from Harold and Kumar To To White Castle rocks a dress I'd wear 420 times in a row.

Not that Adam Sandler is unattractive, but you know he's got to be psyched to be standing alongside his gorgeous, pregnant wife.


It's the super cool dude from Happy Days! Just kidding, it's David Spade channeling The Fonz, channeling my heart.

The Bad


Old School's Perrey Reeves looks sorta "mother-of-the-bride" here. Ha, just kidding. Michael Kors always says that on Project Runway and I don't even really know what it means. She actually just looks boring.

Jenna Dewan would look a lot better if she was wearing something else.

The Ugly


Rob Schneider is psyched: he gets to go out with a mermaid!


Oh Charlotte Rae: I don't even mind your fantasy cruise outfit, but those open-toed shoes? No. They look like Tevas from space. Are they Velcro?

Okay, Marissa Jaret Winokur: We get it. You were in Hairspray. You love hair, you love life, you are joyous and jubilant. Too happy in fact. It's annoying. Get dark already.


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