After Joe Wilson confused a public occasion with a movie theater and decided to make comments at the screen, the nation wondered what he would do next. Apologize? Ha! Fuck that shit - he will not be muzzled!

See, Joe Wilson wants Americans to know that he really cares about the evils of providing health care to marginalized populations and invoke the country's current boogeyman stand in, "illegal" immigrants.

After single-handedly raising $750,000 for his Democratic opponent, Rob Miller, Wilson appears to have decided his stance is no surrender.

Now, readers, I'm not really a big fan of decorum and such but that shit was just ignorant. In the words of Mos Def, there's certain shit you just don't do.


As Keith Olbermann noted in his special comment:

The 43rd president of the United States lied the nation into the war, lied 4,343 of his fellow citizens to death in that war, lied about upholding the constitution, and lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction.

He lied about how he reacted to Al-Qaeda before 9/11 and he lied about how he reacted to Al-Qaeda after 9/11.

He lied about getting Bin Laden, and he lied about not getting Bin Laden.

He lied about nation-building in Iraq, lied about the appearance of new buildings **in** the nation **of** Iraq, and lied about embassy buildings in nations like Iraq.

He lied about trailers with mobile weapons labs in them, and he lied about trailers with Cuban prostitutes in them.

He and his administration lied-by the counting of one non-profit group-532 times about links between Al-Qaeda and Iraq. Only 28 of those were by that President, but he made up for that by lying 231 times about W-M-D.

And yet not once did an elected Democratic official shout out during one of George W. Bush's speeches and call him a "liar."


And yet, this is somehow cool. Wilson's constituents appear to be pitchfork wielding townsfolk because they seem proud of this belligerence, masquerading as bravery:

"Yeah, it was rude, but somebody needed to say it," said Susan Wahl, 41, a homemaker in this town of 800 outside Columbia. "Ordinary people can't just get up and tell Obama he lied. He said something we all wanted to say."

In a state famous for both its gentility and its rebelliousness, Mr. Wilson earned praise from voters who admired his message, if not his delivery.

"I kind of want to defend Representative Wilson," said Mendel Lindler, 63, an insurance salesman in Lexington, a Columbia suburb. "The president has been trying to shove something down our throats, and Representative Wilson said, ‘Hold on here.' "


Wilson was so emboldened by the lack of response from the GOP Party Leadership and President Obama (though some Dems are pushing for censure) that he dropped a video repeating the same lies he's been pushing for so long he believes they are true.

He blatantly lies in this video, but still feels fine accusing Obama of falsehoods on things that are fact-checkable. And for some reason, he keeps scapegoating undocumented people. Why does he keep trying to nail a point home that has very little to do with the health care reform bill? Richard Benjamin says it's a clear show of racism/xenophobia:

Besides the show of disrespect, and the fact that he was wrong, the legislator's comments expose a virulent racism and paranoia against undocumented workers. As we enter Hispanic Heritage Month, America would do well to examine the legislator's political paranoia instead of rehashing his churlish, attention-seeking outburst. The legislator's behavior is uncommon, but his attitude is not. [...]

Once upon a time in Wilson's native South Carolina, the 1950s through the 1970s, whites fled public spaces en masse — pools, parks, schools, cafeterias — rather than share those public resources with blacks. This is déjà vu all over again: Latino immigrants are the new blacks. A truculent white minority wants to re-segregate their communities; more, it bashes the publish sphere and aims to sabotage public spending on the common good, including the president's healthcare plans.

Put bluntly, it is not a coincidence that America's love affair with all-things private — gated communities, private roads, private parks, private schools, private playgrounds, private hospitals — heated up during the 1950s as the federal government sought to integrate the nation. [...]

Tea baggers rail against social programs that are allegedly squandered on "illegal aliens." The Birther movement rails against a supposedly Muslim president. Healthcare reform town halls combust over "government dependence." Republicans like Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., push a boycott of the 2010 Census, fretting that immigrants and minorities will be overcounted.


While Obama's speech was considered to be a success, Wilson's outburst should serve as a reminder that we are all fighting for different things. Some of us are fighting over the future of health care.

Others are fighting to preserve the America of the 1950s.

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