The Worst Christmas Ever

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Christmas Eve is here! 'Tis the season for burned cookies, missing packages, fighting families and broken-hearted breakups. Have you ever had The Worst Christmas Ever? Maybe it wasn't exactly a cruel Christmas, but a horrible Hanukkah or a catastrophic Kwanzaa?


Hell, maybe everything went well until last New Year's Eve. Well, if instead of having a happy holiday, you found yourself stranded in an airport, eating unidentified congealed meat gelatin, or in the emergency room with frostbite, we want to know about it. We're looking for the Worst Christmas Ever — or Worst Hanukkah/New Year's/Kwanzaa — and we know you can deliver.

Below, share all the gory details of your holidays gone wrong. And if you can't get enough terrible tales, go back and check out our collection of sad Thanksgiving stories.


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My husband, who has been an unemployed student for 3 years now, secretly applied to study overseas (about 30 hours flight away) and only just finally revealed this at the beginning of December. He said that when we got married, I should have remembered he said this was his dream, and he had to confess, he wanted to travel alone. He thought he could hide it and maybe he wouldn't get accepted and it wouldn't matter. But he did get accepted. He booked his flight for 8:30am on New Year's Day. We have been married 2 years. We don't fight, we have gone through (by most anyone's standards) some mild rough times getting used to the whole being married thing, and our *ahem* private life was extremely good I'd say...

I could never have imagined he could throw away what seemed like a loving, 90% happy relationship, and leave me and the housemates we lived with suddenly saddled with extra rent. It's his great "personal journey" and he doesn't think marriage can be a part of it. It's "just a feeling I have about what I need to do", "I am powerless over this will that is driving me". The best part? Apparently I did almost nothing wrong, I'm a beautiful person, he "will love me forever", and I'm a great wife.

The housemates are moving, and I've had to scramble to find replacements on short notice, and my rent still goes up. My job is also ending at the end of January, and he knew that. Yes, there's a lot worse going on in this world today, no one in my life died, I have friends who love me, and I am grateful for all I do have. But I admit, this is my worst Christmas in awhile. I chose to bow out of the family celebrations (did I mention I actually really love my in-laws? haha How often do you hear that??) just because they are all talking about his leaving and exchange and I can't be around for that.