The Worst Christmas Duet Ever

Today on The View, Mario Cantone and Joey McIntyre sang a straight man/gay man version of "Baby It's Cold Outside," except they changed the words to "Buddy, it's cold outside" and it was the worst thing ever. NKOTBWTFBBQ.

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Bette Davis Midler

First off, this is awful. But secondly, I have been watching the Baby It's Cold Outside hate on Jezebel for a couple of weeks now with growing dismay. It is my favorite holiday song, and while I can see where people are getting that it is "rapey," I feel it is stretch. I just have to wonder how people forget what it is like the be deliciously, deliriously, newly in love. For me, the song conjures up the beginning of my relationship with Mr. Midler and how I would have to leave his house late at night in the cold, to get back to mine because my mom didn't care what time I came home, but was dead set against me "sleeping over" my boyfriends house. He wanted me to stay with him all warm and cuddled, I wanted to stay, but I couldn't. He would try to convince me, I would want to give in, but more often than not, I would have to leave. I find the song quite romantic and evocative in that sense. Who knows, maybe my privilege is showing, but I just don't get it.