The Worst Ad Of 2011

You've seen it before: the brightly-colored cartoon diaper commercial featuring babies on stage in a competition, literally shitting themselves in hopes of winning first place. You know, the one that takes Tag Team's 90s anthem "Whoomp! There It Is" and defiles it with "Poop! There It Is"? If you have seen the calamity, you will understand exactly why it was voted worst American ad of the year. If not, well, sit back and enjoy the dirty glory that is this ad by Luvs. (For those curious how it's even possible that atrocious campaign by Summer's Eve didn't win top prize, know that it finished in third place, behind AT&T.)


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I don't get how this got the most votes (I didn't think it was a big deal but then I have a toddler) and that horrifying Prius commercial with that man made of other people won NOTHING. That commercial makes me want to take to a bunker for the rest of my days.